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Who Are We?

The Makings of a Marvelous Journey Begins Here!

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The island of Jamaica is a delightful treasure that locals & tourists are able to enjoy. Atoti Tours is a premier transportation and itinerary company based in Montego Bay, Jamaica; we provide a great avenue to explore & appreciate the island. Since our inclusion in the Jamaican Tourism sector, our primary focus is to maintain the highest standard as a guest-centered transport and itinerary plan company. We appreciate and seek to satisfy the unique requests and desires for you, and all guests alike.

We have a dedicated team of professional drivers & tour guides who work hard to ensure that visitors to Jamaica have a rich experience whenever they travel with us via our hassle-free Airport Transfers, on an enchanting Island Tour, or cruise ship shore excursions. 

We offer complete transportation packages & we also specialize in Private Airport Transfers, Sightseeing Planning & Tours, Shore Excursions, Customized Tours & Hotel pickups/drop-off services. 

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Meet Layon

The Founder of Atoti Tours

Meet Layon, a Jamaican native, entrepreneur, & flight attendant by trade who has amassed over 5 years of experience in the airline industry. He was inspired to start this company because travelers would ask him for guidance & recommendations for visiting Jamaica. Their questions were usually about the best local attractions, tips on saving money, choosing the right season to visit, finding the best local eateries, how to get around, etc. 

His vision is to grant travelers a taste of Jamaica, creating a unique experience & unforgettable memories designed to match their budget.

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